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Cute City Name List with Means

  1. Blossomville (Meaning: A town filled with blooming flowers; Era: Victorian)

  2. Petiteville (Meaning: A small and charming town; Era: Modern)

  3. Whispering Springs (Meaning: A town with serene and calming natural springs; Era: Contemporary)

  4. Charmville (Meaning: A delightful and enchanting town; Era: Medieval)

  5. Honeydale (Meaning: A town known for its sweet honey production; Era: Renaissance)

  6. Sunshine Meadows (Meaning: A town with sunny meadows and fields; Era: Modern)

  7. Wonderland (Meaning: A magical and whimsical town; Era: Fantasy)

  8. Cozyville (Meaning: A snug and comfortable town; Era: Contemporary)

  9. Tranquil Haven (Meaning: A peaceful and tranquil sanctuary; Era: Modern)

  10. Harmony Springs (Meaning: A town where harmony prevails; Era: Contemporary)

  11. Dreamland (Meaning: A town where dreams come true; Era: Fantasy)

  12. Whiskerwood (Meaning: A town inhabited by cute and playful woodland creatures; Era: Contemporary)

  13. Gemstone City (Meaning: A town famous for its precious gemstones; Era: Renaissance)

  14. Sweetwater Bay (Meaning: A town located near a freshwater bay; Era: Modern)

  15. Enchantia (Meaning: A town filled with enchantment and magic; Era: Fantasy)

  16. Sunflower Valley (Meaning: A valley adorned with vibrant sunflowers; Era: Contemporary)

  17. Joyville (Meaning: A town where joy is abundant; Era: Modern)

  18. Maplewood (Meaning: A town known for its beautiful maple trees; Era: Victorian)

  19. Whimsyville (Meaning: A town full of whimsical and quirky charm; Era: Contemporary)

  20. Cottoncreek (Meaning: A town surrounded by cotton fields; Era: Renaissance)

  21. Serenity Springs (Meaning: A town with peaceful and calming natural springs; Era: Contemporary)

  22. Pixiedale (Meaning: A town inhabited by mischievous pixies; Era: Fantasy)

  23. Wisteria Heights (Meaning: A town known for its blooming wisteria vines; Era: Victorian)

  24. Starlight Bay (Meaning: A town known for its mesmerizing starlit nights; Era: Modern)

  25. Berryville (Meaning: A town abundant with delicious berries; Era: Renaissance)

  26. Amberfield (Meaning: A town famous for its amber deposits; Era: Victorian)

  27. Velvetdale (Meaning: A town known for its soft and luxurious velvet production; Era: Medieval)

  28. Giggletown (Meaning: A town filled with laughter and joy; Era: Modern)

  29. Pastel Haven (Meaning: A haven of soft and delicate pastel colors; Era: Contemporary)

  30. Starling Bay (Meaning: A bay where starlings gather; Era: Modern)

  31. Whiskerville (Meaning: A town inhabited by friendly and mischievous whiskered creatures; Era: Contemporary)

  32. Snowflake Falls (Meaning: A town where delicate snowflakes gracefully descend; Era: Modern)

  33. Cherryblossom Valley (Meaning: A valley adorned with blooming cherry blossoms; Era: Victorian)

  34. Happyville (Meaning: A town brimming with happiness; Era: Modern)

  35. Evergreen Grove (Meaning: A grove filled with lush and everlasting greenery; Era: Contemporary)

  36. Buttercup Fields (Meaning: Fields covered in bright and cheerful buttercups; Era: Renaissance)

  37. Starshine City (Meaning: A city that shines brightly like stars; Era: Modern)

  38. Pepperberry (Meaning: A town known for its spicy and flavorful pepperberries; Era: Medieval)

  39. Rainbow Hollow (Meaning: A hollow where rainbows can be seen after a rainfall; Era: Contemporary)

  40. Meadowlark Village (Meaning: A village filled with the sweet songs of meadowlarks; Era: Victorian)

  41. Cupcake City (Meaning: A city famous for its delicious and adorable cupcakes; Era: Modern)

  42. Silvermist (Meaning: A town surrounded by mist with a silver hue; Era: Fantasy)

  43. Stardust Springs (Meaning: A town where stardust falls from the sky; Era: Contemporary)

  44. Bubblegum Bay (Meaning: A bay where the water resembles colorful bubblegum; Era: Modern)

  45. Petalville (Meaning: A town adorned with petals of various flowers; Era: Contemporary)

  46. Sweetpea Meadows (Meaning: Meadows filled with delicate and fragrant sweetpea flowers; Era: Victorian)

  47. Glowing Haven (Meaning: A haven that emits a soft and enchanting glow; Era: Fantasy)

  48. Bumblebee City (Meaning: A city where bumblebees buzz happily; Era: Modern)

  49. Lavender Hills (Meaning: Hills covered in aromatic lavender fields; Era: Contemporary)

  50. Candycane Village (Meaning: A village where the spirit of the holiday season is ever-present; Era: Modern)

  51. Moonlight Bay (Meaning: A bay illuminated by the soft glow of moonlight; Era: Contemporary)

  52. Sugardust (Meaning: A town where sugar seems to float in the air; Era: Fantasy)

  53. Whisperwind (Meaning: A town where the wind whispers secrets; Era: Contemporary)

  54. Sapphire Springs (Meaning: A town known for its crystal-clear sapphire-colored springs; Era: Victorian)

  55. Butterfly Meadows (Meaning: Meadows teeming with colorful and delicate butterflies; Era: Contemporary)

  56. Happy Hollow (Meaning: A hollow filled with joy and laughter; Era: Modern)

  57. Whiskerfield (Meaning: A field inhabited by adorable and playful creatures with whiskers; Era: Contemporary)

  58. Twinkleburg (Meaning: A town where everything sparkles and twinkles; Era: Fantasy)

  59. Marshmallow Bay (Meaning: A bay where the water resembles fluffy marshmallows; Era: Modern)

  60. Primrose Valley (Meaning: A valley filled with beautiful primrose flowers; Era: Victorian)

  61. Sunbeam City (Meaning: A city where sunbeams shine brightly; Era: Modern)

  62. Daisyville (Meaning: A town adorned with cheerful daisies; Era: Contemporary)

  63. Silverglade (Meaning: A town surrounded by shimmering silver trees; Era: Medieval)

  64. Cherryblossom Falls (Meaning: A waterfall surrounded by blooming cherry blossoms; Era: Victorian)

  65. Smilesville (Meaning: A town where smiles are ever-present; Era: Modern)

  66. Starling Meadows (Meaning: Meadows where starlings gather; Era: Contemporary)

  67. Marshmallow Clouds (Meaning: Clouds that resemble fluffy marshmallows; Era: Modern)

  68. Tulipville (Meaning: A town adorned with colorful tulips; Era: Contemporary)

  69. Amberdale (Meaning: A town known for its beautiful amber jewelry; Era: Victorian)

  70. Moonlit Harbor (Meaning: A harbor bathed in the soft glow of moonlight; Era: Contemporary)

  71. Sparkleberry (Meaning: A town where everything sparkles like berries; Era: Modern)

  72. Glimmering Springs (Meaning: Springs that shimmer and glimmer; Era: Fantasy)

  73. Lilac Hollow (Meaning: A hollow filled with fragrant lilac bushes; Era: Victorian)

  74. Sunshine City (Meaning: A city known for its abundant sunshine; Era: Modern)

  75. Marshmallow Meadows (Meaning: Meadows that resemble fluffy marshmallows; Era: Contemporary)

  76. Fluffytail (Meaning: A town inhabited by fluffy-tailed creatures; Era: Contemporary)

  77. Starstruck (Meaning: A town that leaves visitors in awe and starstruck; Era: Modern)

  78. Crystal Cove (Meaning: A cove adorned with shimmering crystals; Era: Contemporary)

  79. Blossomfield (Meaning: A field filled with blooming flowers; Era: Victorian)

  80. Sunbeam Bay (Meaning: A bay where sunbeams dance on the water; Era: Modern)

  81. Sparklepop (Meaning: A town where everything sparkles and pops with joy; Era: Contemporary)

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